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One stop shopping for Narrow boat Holidays, Canal Boat Hire, Barges and Long Boats available for hire / rental throughout the UK & Ireland for Relaxation, Sightseeing, Fishing, Cruising, Exploring, Life in the slow lane and good exercise

Why book a Narrow Boat Holiday ?

Well if you imagined wishing for a Travel Holiday where you could instantly relax and adjust to life in the slow lane...

A Holiday where you could go where you wanted and park where you wanted without a fee, or a wheel clamp...and most importantly travel as far and as often as you wanted without a fuel bill...A Holiday where you could spot beautiful scenery and simply stop and park there to enjoy it for as long as you desired...

A Holiday where you could simply park up outside the Pub enjoy a good meal a few drinks...then go to sleep in safety and comfort outside the Pub...A Holiday with instant fishing from your doorstep, whenever & wherever...A Holiday with a healthy offering of exercise and fresh air...

If the answer is a BIG YES to these questions...then you most probably thought of Narrow Boat Holidays

Widely know as the fastest way to slow down the narrow boat is the modernized version of the cargo vessels that travelled the canals before the railways were built. They are now available for hire across the UK Ireland. Today's purpose built Narrow Boats contain every creature comfort from modern fitted kitchens and beds, to Flat screen TV's and Washing Machines. With full Central Heating, Double Glazing, Multi fuel Stoves, Showers and Toilets, they offer a new dimension in

"Mobile Luxury Holiday Cottages"

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Why else should you book Narrow Boat Holidays?

You could also think of fresh fish caught on your doorstep and served the same day, also visits to Historic Towns and Cities without the expense of Hotels and Accommodation. A Narrow Boat Holiday even offers you healthy exercise while operating the locks either go up or down can even travel through exciting tunnels, cross aqueducts over valleys and rivers - as high as 120 feet above the ground. And at just 4 miles per hour a canal narrow boat holiday is now widely accepted as 'the fastest way to slow down.

Still needing convincing?

You may also recall your last package holiday...getting up to fly out at some unearthly hour (3am!!) Passports, travellers cheques, euros, worry, Air traffic control strikes, Security alerts, uncertainty, up to £50 per week just to park your car, along with many other benefits of a holiday beyond the British Isles

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Individually styled narrowboats for your canal boat holiday, family boating holidays weekend and short breaks in Yorkshire and Lancashire on the Leeds & Liverpool canal

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"Probably the best break I have 'EVER' had. If carslberg made boats they would make Canal Boats, the booking process was seamless through Canal Boat Escapes"

Canal Boat Escapes | Individually Different

Narrow Boat Holidays

Holidays on canals are becoming very popular and for very good reason.

The canals are in the best condition they have ever been in their two hundred plus year history and todays top quality Narrow Boats make it a pleasure to cruise on them.

With such a wide choice of canals to cruise, there's something to suit everyone. You can enjoy the peace of the countryside, sightsee historic towns and cities, visit quaint country pubs, enjoy healthy exercise working the locks, see industrial heritage, or just find a nice remote country mooring to park up and get away from it all.

A Narrow Boat offers you that really relaxing and enjoyable break where you can take everything at your own pace.

So climb aboard and spend a relaxing week or two aboard a modern, purpose-built self-drive Narrow Boat, designed to provide for your every need. allow you the freedom to cruise through the unspoiled heart of the British countryside enjoying life in the slow lane.

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Canal Wildlife

and Nature

You will find all sorts of wildlife on Britain's waterways - from common sights such as mallards and moorhens, to otters and water voles

For further detailed Canal Wildlife information visit

Canal Fishing Holidays

More and more anglers are flocking to our peaceful canals every year. By taking a Narrow Boat Holiday you acquire the right to Fish from your the deck of your Narrow Boat whenever and wherever. The most Popular fish found in the Uk's canals are Carp, Roach, Pike, Barbel, Tench and Trout.

For further detailed Canal Fishing information visit

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